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CBD oil is known globally because of its fascinating benefits. Its legality is still tricky. Some states have different laws about CBD that contains any amount of THC. Fifty states and Washington D.C. have contrasting regulations regarding its use. First-time users still wonder if buying CBD products can’t put them into trouble.

This article will help us learn more about the CBD legalization State-by-state

CBD Legalization: List of the states that Prohibits the use of CBD


Idaho is unfriendly to capitalists that sell CBD products. Any product that contains a tiny amount of THC is considered illegal here. 


Nebraska is a state that takes CBD the same as marijuana. No bill legalized medical marijuana. Law enforcers strictly implement the rule and are followed by the people and the business owners.

South Dakota

South Dakota is one of the worst places where you should not try selling CBD. The Governor is strong in implementing the state rules declaring that CBD is still illegal despite the presence of Federal law.


Jeff Sessions, former state U.S. Attorney General and Alabama senator are, vigorous in imposing and restricting the use of marijuana in his state. 


Georgia, on the other hand, discourages its people use CBD products. However, they allow people with medical conditions to possess it, as long as it is low in THC. 

Georgia is known for its strong marijuana laws and considers people who need it.


Iowa opened medical marijuana in 2018. However, they still have strict laws that prohibit the buying and selling of CBD products without a dispensary license. 


Lousiana state officials warn against the use of CBD products with any amount of THC. For them, CBD products are still illegal. Law enforcement authorities will issue a citation offense to those caught selling the prohibited items and punished by law. 


The state strictly imposes the use of CBD products even as medical treatment despite federal guidance.

States that are Open and Friendly to the Use of CBD


Minnesota has a store for hemp and CBD that opened in 2018. 


Montana does not have its own rules regarding the use of CBD. So there are a lot of stores around that sell CBD products.

New York

CBD is all over the areas of New York City. However, the quality of CBD products in the city depreciates. 

North Carolina

You can buy CBD products around North Carolina. However, they prohibit CBD content in infused food, drink, and supplements.


Pennsylvania is great if you want a body massage using CBD oil. In this state, hemp-derived CBD products are fine. 

Numerous states around the U.S. are open to the use of CBD with low THC content. However, some conditions are still strict, and they can put you in jail. So if you are planning to use CBD products, it is best to know their legality in your state. 

CBD can be significant in helping us with our daily routine. CBD can help us in many ways, especially in treating some of our needs. If you are into CBD use, ensure to read more of our articles about the product. We also have a CBD dosage calculator app to help you get your optimal dose.