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CBD shopping can be as complex as shopping for the best shoes for your beautiful dress. It is a fact that CBD products are accessible in over-the-counter pharmacies and drug outlets online. Aside from CBD shopping, it is also best that one should know the correct use of CBD products. CBD calculations for beginners are crucial at every start of the CBD journey. A wrong dose of CBD use can trigger unwanted side effects such as nausea and headache.

This article will help beginners in CBD get their optimal dose. But of course, before anything else, let us dig deeper into the facts about CBD products. 

What is CBD?

CBD products are cannabidiol products derived from hemp plants. Unlike THC, CBD does have the potential to make a user high. Many users believe that CBD effectively cures different ailments such as sleep problems, anxiety, and all types of body pain. 

CBD can also come in different forms, types, and dosages. Though there are no fatal side effects recorded due to CBD overdosing, it is still best that one take CBD correctly for efficient and practical use. 

CBD Dosage Calculation

The most common CBD dosage is approximately 20-40 mg per dose. It can vary, some people take less of it, and some take a much higher amount. 

Can I take too much CBD? There is no standard dose of CBD. CBD dosages can be different from one another. The dosage usually depends on your specific need. 

There are certain factors that we should consider before taking a CBD dose, and these include:

  • Your body weight
  • Your desired strength
  • Your body chemistry
  • Your tolerance of CBD 

CBD Dose for Treating Anxiety

People with anxiety issues turn the excellent way how CBD helps them control their anxiety levels. The most common CBD dosage for anxiety is approximately moderate to heavy range of full-spectrum. 

If you have anxiety and are a beginner in CBD, we recommend starting with a mild dose and seeing if the dosage work for you. If you think you need more, you can increase it until you find a fit dosage

CBD Dosage in Treating Body Pain

If you have mild pain in your body, such as body pain, PMS, arthritis, and back pain, the best CBD dose is a mild to moderate amount of CBD. For severe pain, like cancer pain and nerve pain, you can try a heavy dose of CBD oil. 

CBD dosage continuously varies depending on your need and how much your body can tolerate. 

CBD for People with Sleep Problems

Many studies have proven that CBD improves one’s quality of sleep. So if you have a problem with your rest, CBD might be a good remedy for you. A 10mg dose of CBD might be helpful for a start, but if you want to have much more quality sleep, a higher dose of 10mg will do since studies believe that a higher dose of CBD provides a more calming effect to its users. 

CBD for People with Depression

CBD Oil has the potential to affect and control mood disorders such as depression. Like anxiety, CBD is also helpful in fighting against depression. Finding the perfect dose of CBD oil for depression is still an experiment. A change in mood does not happen overnight, so it is best to start taking a lower dose and increase if you feel to do so. 

CBD Calculations for Beginners: What you Should Know

Since we tackle CBD and how it can best benefit you, we will also help you get your optimal dose by knowing how to generate your daily dose using our newly invented CBD dosage calculator app. This app is guaranteed to be user-friendly and accurate. You can download the app and get your CBD dose wherever and whenever.

In our CBD calculator app, you will see some details that you need to provide. Some are essential, and some are also optional. Let’s take a look at it.

Calculating CBD with your Weight and Strength

CBD works for every user differently. What works in others may not work in you. So a CBD calculator helps give accurate and comprehensive CBD dosage. 

We also recommend using a lower dose for those beginners in CBD. You can then increase the strength of your CBD slowly if you find that the lower dose does not work for you.

Let’s look at the chart about Calculating CBD by weight and strength you desire. 

CBD Calculations for Beginners: What you Should Know?

CBD can be calculated using your weight and the strength that you desire. The table shows how much CBD you can take according to your weight. This measurement implies pure CBD oil products and not CBD oil. 

Remember that your optimal dose depends on your weight which your body can tolerate, and the desired effects that you want to experience.

These factors play a vital part in getting your optimal dose. Remember that CBD affects our bodies differently. So if you are new to this CBD thing, we recommend that you start with a lower dose and continue the experiment until you find your perfect CBD dose. You can always use our CBD dosage calculator app, input your preference, and then get your dosage. 

For more CBD-related information, feel free to scan through our website and read more about our blogs on the truth about the product. 

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