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CBD or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound from the cannabis Sativa plant. Though CBD is related to Marijuana, it cannot make a person use it high. Moreover, many of its users claim that CBD has numerous benefits for health and wellness.

CBD products come in different forms. They are all designed to give their users preferences in CBD products they want to take. One more efficient way of using CBD is to know the correct dose of CBD that you and your body need. One common question among new CBD users is how to get an optimal amount of CBD and how it is necessary. This article aims to help the readers and the newbie in CBD get the optimal dose and how it is crucial in one’s CBD journey. 

What is Optimal CBD Dose? 

CBD dose does not in one standard form for its users. CBD products, however, come from individual dosages. It simply means that your CBD dose may vary from your need and how much your body would typically react. Help from an expert like your healthcare provider is one way of determining your CBD dosage. It is best to consult your physician, especially if you take other medicines or drugs, to avoid unnecessary drug interaction. 

On the other hand, CBD is entirely safe for use, and it is even used in treating animals and pets. So how can you determine your dose for a regular CBD user? Do you need to consult an expert to get your amount? 

The truth is not necessarily. If you are a regular CBD user and not into other drugs or medication, you can get your optimal dose in just a few clicks. We have developed a new CBD dose calculator app to help you calculate your daily CBD dosage. Our app is user-friendly and guaranteed to have efficient CBD dosage calculation. Hence, there are a few things that you need to provide to know what would fit you. 

Primary Factors in Determining your Daily Dosage

Human body weight

One way of determining your dose is your human body weight. The more bodyweight you have, the higher your dosage will be. When you have lower body weight, your dosage will be lower. It is to ensure that you get what your body needs and how much CBD it can accept. You cannot take CBD in a higher dosage when you have below-normal body weight. 

The metabolism level

Your metabolism level also plays a vital role in determining your CBD dose. It speaks about how much you can metabolize daily. Not all people come with the same metabolism level, making CBD more personal use. 

Purpose of use

You also have to determine your purpose for using CBD. Why do you need CBD? What do you expect in CBD? It will also help you choose the amount you need based on your desired results. Know your purpose to ensure that you will get the outcome you want. 

Desired effect

What do you expect from taking CBD? This question is also vital to get your optimal dose. Though CBD cannot make you high or give you a heightened sense, knowing your wanted effect is essential for your complete satisfaction. 

Can CBD make you Overdose? 

There is no such thing as CBD overdosing. However, taking too much from what your body might need can lead you to unwanted mild side effects. Side effects can come from nausea, vomiting, headache, and diarrhea.  

CBD is considered safe to use, and no chronic side effect was collected in CBD overdosing. CBD overdosing has no potential to kill you. An average recommended CBD dose for a human involves taking 5 to 20mg per day. Overdosing may arise if you consume 13 to 200 bottles of CBD in one day, which can be very far from reality. 

In conclusion, CBD dosage comes on an individual basis. You need to know what you exactly need by determining all these factors. You can get your CBD dose on this website and let this be part of your CBD life hack. 

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