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Drug testing has become rampant around the world today. Drug test also becomes a primary requirement before passing a job. Failing the drug test can put you in trouble or prolong your employment process.

This article aims to educate CBD users about the facts and risks you will face if you want to take the product. One of the common questions when taking CBD products is if the person using them will get a positive result after having been to a drug test. 

Can CBD Products make you Fail a Drug Test?

Taking CBD comes with other risks. Aside from the mild side effects that you can experience, let’s accept that there is a small chance you can fail a drug test—however, not everyone who uses CBD tests positive. 

CBD products contain a tiny amount of THC content, sometimes a reason for being tested positive in drug tests. 

Here are other Frequently Asked Questions about CBD and Drug Tests.

Why can CBD make you fail a drug test?

CBD contains 0.3% amount of THC. THC is a chemical compound of marijuana that can sometimes make your drug test fail. Though CBD is legal online or in a physical shop, CBD still contains THC, a small compound found in cannabis. Marijuana has a higher level of THC, so some states and countries make buying and selling the product illegal. 

CBD products can make you fail a drug test, but it does not apply to all CBD users. Several studies report that only a few percent of CBD users fail a drug test.

What factors affect failing a Drug test?

CBD product type

Full-spectrum CBD products have a higher chance of carrying the most risk of testing positive for a drug test. Full-spectrum CBD contains more levels of THC. However, undetectable, according to the study. 

Your body chemistry

Your body chemistry will also affect how long CBD products will stay on your body. Those who can metabolize faster have a higher chance of passing the drug test. 

Your CBD dosage

Your CBD dosage also plays a vital part. Taking below 25-50 mg per day can lower the chance of testing positive for a drug test. The higher dose you take, the higher your chances of getting unwanted results. 

Duration of taking the product

If you are a new CBD user, you will most likely have a lower chance of testing positive. If you have been using CBD for years now, you have a higher chance of testing positive. It will also depend on the level of THC that you are using.

Is CBD THC free?

CBD products are introduced as THC free, but it does not mean it contains zero THC. It only means that the THC levels of the product are undetectable. The trace amount of the “THC free” product is below the detection limit. 

Not everyone who uses CBD will test positive on a drug test. It can happen, but the chances can be scarce. If you are using CBD, you should be aware of the possible risk you can encounter in the long run.

If you still have drug testing concerns, try using a small dosage of CBD and ensure that you are taking the correct dosage of the product. 

Our company has developed a CBD dosage calculator app that can help you calculate the correct amount of CBD that you need. It is user-friendly and accessible. We also have more CBD-related articles that can help understand what CBD is. 

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