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CBD is not only for humans but also for pets. CBD products are famous for treating different human ailments such as anxiety, depression, and chronic pain and help in lowering blood pressure. Since CBD is beneficial to humans, paw parents and pet experts wonder if they can also use the product to treat their pets. 

Is CBD safe for your pets? Since our pets are like our family members, we must also be aware that we give them benefits and safety. This article aims to help pet owners know the recent research on how effective CBD is to us humans and our pets. 

Is CBD safe for our pets?

CBD is safe to use for human consumption. Many CBD users claim that CBD is beneficial to them. People who experience mild seizures, panic attacks, and sleeping problems, including chronic pain, say that CBD products help them. Given all the benefits of CBD in humans, can CBD products also help pets?

Generally, there is not much study and research on CBD’s effectiveness in pets. However, the use of CBD products like CBD oils in pets comes from the recommendation of veterinarians and pet experts. They base it on their experiences and minor studies. 

It’s generally safe to give your pets a dose of CBD products. However, pet owners must remember and consider the potential side effects CBD can provide to their pets. For instance, your dog may be lazy until he metabolizes the product. Your dog may also experience diarrhea and other mild side effects. Correct CBD dosages are not only for humans but also for your pets. Sometimes, side effects occur not because the CBD itself but because your pets take a higher CBD dose. To prevent these problems, ensure that you are giving your pets the right amount of CBD, and you can do it by starting at a lower dose. 

Only minimal side effects can occur. However, it would be best to take your pets to a professional pet care provider to ensure that CBD is safe and effective. 

Can CBD get my dog high? 

CBD only contains 0.3% THC, which cannot make anyone high. CBD products are generally safe for humans, and they will not get you an increased feeling the same as your pets. 

However, CBD can influence brain activity in your pets, leading to some potential benefits, such as reducing stress and anxiety for dogs. 

Ensure that your pets take the correct amount of CBD products to avoid common issues like diarrhea. We have developed a new CBD dosage calculator app beneficial to all CBD users, including their pets. They are user-friendly and tested accurately. 

What are the benefits of CBD for your pets?

Since CBD products are effective in humans, here are some reports of the benefits of CBD in pets

  • Anti-inflammatory (i.e., hypersensitivity, dermatitis)

If your pet is suffering inflammation or skin issues, a correct dose of CBD might help reduce the pain and discomfort of inflammation. CBD products have unique components to help your pets. 

  • Reduction in pain

CBD is effective in reducing pain in humans so as in pets. Pet experts believe that CBD products can also reduce pain in your dogs or cats.

  • Reduction in seizures and convulsions

CBD is used in treating epilepsy in humans. So studies also show that CBD is also helpful in reducing seizures in pets. 

  • Immune system support 

CBD products also support the immune system. It can boost the human immune system so, as in pets. If you want to increase your pet’s immune system, try giving them a dose of CBD oil for better results.

In conclusion, CBD is generally safe for pets, and it contributes a lot to your pets. Ensure that you give them the correct amount of CBD for better and more effective results. 

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