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The CBD market continues to grow. Its popularity is gaining more users to take the product. Experts and researchers believe in the power of CBD to transform lives and support people by meeting their needs. CBD can help people with illnesses such as cancer-related symptoms, chronic pain, depression, and anxiety. This article will focus on assisting CBD users, especially beginners, to know their correct CBD gummies dosage for efficient use.

If you are new to CBD, this will guide you in taking the correct dose. Dosages can be a little complex in CBD because there is no standard dosage for them. Your optimal amount will not work for others on how it works for you. Here’s the reason why you need to take the correct CBD dosage?

Why correct CBD dosage is vital?

Taking the correct dose is essential if you want effective CBD use. Here are the two main reasons why the correct CBD dose is crucial in every CBD journey.


If you want that CBD will work for you, having the correct amount to intake is essential. If you take it wrongly, you may feel that CBD does not work for you. There are many ways that you can generate your correct dose. You can have your professional healthcare provider help you assess how much your body needs and how much your body can have. You can also check CBD product websites that provide CBD dosage calculator apps for free. With us, we also offer a responsive and accurate CBD dosage calculator app on this website that starts at $0.00. You can download the app and use it anywhere and whenever you want. The CBD dosage calculator app can be your reliable partner if you don’t want to spend more of your penny on getting your dose.


Of course, your safety always matters. Though CBD cannot make you feel high, there are some accumulating side effects that CBD can give you if you take too low or too high a dosage. These side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and headache. There is no direct evidence that CBD can create fatal harm to its users. However, having a mild headache can hamper our daily activity.

Different types of CBD products are also available in the market. You have plenty of choices that will fit your personality and preference. CBD gummies are one of the most popular types of CBD products aside from CBD oils. CBD gummies are more accessible and easy to use. Here’s a quick guide to getting your optimal dose in CBD gummies.

CBD Gummies Dosage Guide

One of the common questions of CBD gummies users is how much of it can you take? CBD gummies are easy to handle because they are packed with CBD concentrations. CBD gummies are formulated in 10mg or 25mg per gummy. Like other types of CBD, your Dosage will also depend on your desired effect and how much your body can have. For a first-time user, we recommend taking one 10mg of CBD gummy per day as a starting dose. After taking one 10mg gummy daily without accumulating side effects, you can decide whether to increase or maintain your CBD intake.

CBD dosage Chart for Gummies

CBD Gummies Dosage Guide for Beginners
CBD Gummies Dosage Guide for Beginners

Here’s a complete guide to your CBD gummies dosage.
There are three categories in determining your CBD gummies dose.

Light Weight Group

The Light Weight group refers to people that weigh below 130 lbs. If you are in this category and want to experience mild effects, you can take 11mg or less of CBD gummies. If you want to experience moderate effects, you are suggested to take 12-14 mg of CBD. For strong results, you can take 15 to 17 mg.

The Medium Weight Group

The medium group refers to people that weigh 130-230 lbs. Moreover, if you want to experience mild effects, you can take 18mg or less of CBD. For moderate effects, you can take 19mg to 23mg. And for strong results, you are suggested to take 24-27mg of CBD gummies.

The Heavy Weight Group

If you belong to the heavyweight group and want to experience mild effects, you can start taking CBD 23mg or less. For moderate effects, you take 24mg to 30mg. For strong results, you can take 31mg or 45mg.

Factors that affect your CBD gummies Dosage

There is no standard or universal serving of CBD for its users. There are a few factors that affect CBD dosage.

Body weight

Your body weight is one of the determinants of how much CBD can you intake. Your weight determines how much your body can bear. Usually, people that are heavier in weight take more than the usual dose. Our body contains body fats, and heavier people contain more fats. For the CBD products to work, it needs more CBD content to fight the body fats that absorb the CBD.

On the contrary, skinny people should not take the same dose as heavier people to avoid unwanted side effects like dizziness, vomiting, and headache. Your body weight plays a vital role in determining your CBD dosage.

Your actual need

Most CBD users base their Dosages on their actual needs. Need speaks about their condition or the specific illness they want to treat. If you are experiencing pain, uneasiness, or discomfort, you may need to take a higher dosage of CBD. People with cancer-related symptoms need to ask for the opinion and prescription of professionals to correct and effective CBD use.

Tolerance of CBD products

In the long run, using CBD, there might be cases where you need to increase your CBD dose. Upgrading your dose is also necessary to meet your specific need in future use.

In conclusion, taking CBD with the correct dose is necessary if you want a successful CBD journey. If you want to know more about CBD, we have plenty of articles about CBD use that can benefit your take on CBD.

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