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CBD is a compound that we can get from the cannabis plant. Unlike marijuana, CBD has no potential to make anyone get a high feeling. The THC gives the body a sense of sensation when taken. The legality of THC is more complex than CBD. You can buy CBD products online or at over-the-counter pharmacies.  

CBD can contribute a lot to humans as well as pets. Though there is still a lack of scientific data to support each claim, CBD users carry the product’s factual testimonies. Studies show that most CBD users are satisfied with the product and claim a therapeutic effect after every use.  

This article aims to help CBD users know the truth about how CBD can improve one’s sex life. We will also tackle the other benefits of CBD and understand the CBD products that can help you improve your sexual activity. 

How can CBD help your Sexual Activity?

CBD can help improve your sexual activity. Scientists believe that our body has an endocannabinoid system (ECS). It is a tiny receptor that allows interaction with CBD products. It can help our body react and pave the way for CBD products to generate in us. 

In a study made in 2009, scientists found ECS receptors in the sexual reproductive organs, such as the testicles. Studies have found that cannabinoids such as CBD and THC have the ability to boost libido. 

However, an article published by the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics that excessive cannabis use in males can lower sex drive. At the same time, another study claims that CBD can reduce anxiety during sexual activity. Some men are very particular about the sexual performances that can create stress during the activity. Taking CBD products in moderation and the correct dose is the key to practical use. 

Other Sexual Benefits of CBD

Erectile dysfunction (ED)

A journal published by BioMed Research International states that marijuana and CBD can help with ED. Though CBD can help with ED is not fully understood, a theory claims that it can help relax the blood vessels, allowing proper blood flow. Hence, Better blood flow to the penis can help deal with ED and promote better sex performance.

Low sex drive

Another study says that the use of cannabis-derived products affects sex arousal. Cannabis affects one’s sexual desires because it directly affects and connects with the brain. It plays a crucial role in sexual desires. So CBD can help people with low sexual drives. 

CBD products Recommended for Better Sexual Activity

CBD products enhance and enrich sexual activity, so here are some CBD product tips that you might find helpful.

Love: Dark Milk Chocolate for Arousal

It is a CBD edible that is helpful for sexual pleasures. It can help you set the mood for sexual activity.

CBD Massage Lotion

CBD Massage Lotions can be helpful to help you soothe and relax your skin before the awaited moment. You can have this online or get one in the local shops near you. 

Awaken Natural Arousal Oil

Awaken Natural Arousal Oil is best for women. It can lessen and lower the chance of vaginal pain during intercourse. 

There is nothing wrong with having a beautiful sex life with our partners. And CBD is here to help you drive and boost your sexual activity. In conclusion, CBD is an excellent experiment to try if you want to have better sexual intercourse. However, an important reminder is to buy comprehensive and quality CBD products for better results. It is also essential to know your correct CBD dose for a better experience. 

The good thing is aside from getting the information you need. Our website also contains an accurate CBD dosage calculator app to help you get your optimal dose. Our CBD app is guaranteed to be user-friendly. You can download it on your phone and generate your dosage now. Be tremendous and experience great in your CBD journey. 

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