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Generally speaking, CBD products prove safe when applied to our skin or taken orally. Many CBD users testify about the outraging benefits of the product and its contribution to their overall wellness. However, aside from the numerous benefits, it can give, CBD products, on the other hand, can trigger potential side effects.

This article helps readers and CBD users understand the list of side effects CBD can give. The side effects are usually mild and tolerable. Read more and be guided on how to treat and avoid the possible side effects of CBD.

List of Common Side Effects of CBD

The common side effects of CBD products are drowsiness, dry mouth, dizziness, change in weight and appetite, and digestion changes. 


One of the common side effects of using CBD is dizziness. These mild side effects may occur if CBD users take the product with the wrong dosage. Usually, first-time CBD users might not know the correct dosage that results in these. A strong and higher dosage level can give a feeling of dizziness to first-time users. 

CBD products work differently. You must know your optimal dose to avoid side effects in your body—people who take CBD with 300mg or more commonly report the problem. We have developed a CBD dosage calculator app that can potentially help users know their optimal CBD dose. 

Dry Mouth

Another potential side effect of CBD has a dry mouth. These side effects happened because of the interaction of CBD and the endocannabinoids system, which also has receptors in the user’s salivary glands. 

If CBD products give you a dry mouth feeling, you can always put a remedy to it. You can drink a glass of water, herbal tea, or other hydrating beverage of your preference. You can also switch to different types of CBD products like vaping.

Change in weight and appetite

Some people who take CBD report noticing a change in their weight and appetite. A study shows that taking CBD can lower your body’s glucose level, which is good news for people with high sugar levels like diabetes. Taking CBD can sometimes lead to users feeling less hungry. 

If you are having these side effects, you can lower the dose of your CBD intake. Ensure that you are taking the correct amount of CBD product. Try taking CBD after a meal to reduce CBDs’ effect on your blood sugar. Also, make sure that you are also taking the proper meal. Eat fruit that can contribute to your weight and appetite. CBD users must live a balanced life.

Digestion changes

CBD can also make some changes in your digestive activity. These changes can commonly lead to diarrhea. However, researchers also noted that this case is typical for patients that use Epidiolex. 

If you are a CBD user and experience these side effects, it would be best to lower your CBD dosage. You can also try using different Cannabidiol profiles. If this does not work for you, you can consult a certified health care provider for practical use and the correct dosage. 

Considering all the potential side effects of CBD use, this product has no overdosing. Though CBD accumulates possible harmful effects on the body user, those effects are always mild and come with a solution. CBD users must know the correct dosage to avoid misuse of the product. With all these side effects given, it still cannot outweigh the number of benefits CBD can provide to people. 

Since the correct dosage is essential, you can check our CBD dosage calculator app and get your optimal dose according to your body chemistry and desired efficacy. 

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