About Us and What We Do


In 2016 perCbdOil started as a Medical Cannabis knowledge resource and We have released Cbd Oil Dosage Calculator for Our esteemed readers and CBD Business Outlets.

Our App is for CBD Users. It monitors the daily amount of CBD Oil taken, calculates their weight, and tells you the correct dose based on Weight, Condition, Milligrams and Volume.

CBD Dosage App is currently in Beta Version and it will allow You register Yourself and Your Pets while taking care of Daily Dosage Notifications, Reminders and Keeping Track of your Daily Progress too. You can always learn more from our Blog or Subscribe Our Newsletter to try Cbd Dosage App – percbdoil.com in Beta Version.


When it comes to medical cannabis and it’s concentrates, we’ve got you covered. We have built some great tools available to help you keep track of your Cbd Oil daily dosage intake. iFrame can be Embedded for free and Dosage App which will help you stay disciplined with your daily dosage is also available for free during Beta Version. Download to try it out!

CBD Oil Dosage Calculator

Dosage calculator has gone through Human and Pets trials. It is vetted by Industry Professionals and can be embedded into your own platforms too.

CBD Oil Dosage App

CBD Dosage notification app for Human and Pets allows you register yourself or your pet for fast or personalized results. It gives you the freedom of allowing you specify the particular time to use your CBD Oil, it also uses industry certified algorithm systems and machine learning meaning everytime you give feedback, you’ll be helping someone else find their best dosage.

CBD Dosage app helps keep track and also inform you when you’re making progress with your daily dosage. It works for your pets too, Be among the first to try it in Beta Version.